Your Questions. Our Answers!

Q: How do I find and book accommodation?

  • Visit Petfriendly.io
  • Search for vacation rentals or hotels in your desired city.
  • Filter results based on date, size, price and amenities.
  • You’ll be redirected to one of our partner sites where you can book directly with them or contact the property owner with more questions.
  • Book your rental by submitting payment to the owner or manager of the property, or directly online through our partner sites. Tip: many owners are using secure payment sites to give you added protection and comfort in making your reservation.
NOTE: The industry response rates for rental units are atrociously low. We recommend contacting a minimum of 4 properties to give yourselves options should your first choice fail to respond.

Q: Who can I contact if I have further questions?

If you’ve already booked your property and have questions about your booking, cancellations, or the property itself – make sure you get in touch with the property owner or manager with whom you booked. When booking, make sure you ask for the owner’s contact information and phone number if you want to converse through other means.

If you have questions regarding the website, please contact us at support@petfriendly.io

Q: How do I know my payment is secure?

We advise that you review and sign a rental agreement and address any questions or concerns with the owner or manager prior signing and completing payment.

We suggest using one of the recommended payment options below:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Third-party Secure Payment Services designed for Petfriendly.io

Q: How do I cancel my booking?

Cancellation policies are unique to each rental property and should be specified at the time of booking. Specific cancellation details will be provided with your booking confirmation. For more information on the cancellation policy please follow up with the owner or property manager that your rental property was booked through. Please note some discounted properties cannot be cancelled, this will have been specified at the time of booking.

Q: Are pets allowed?

You can filter your search by ‘pet friendly’ listings to see if your vacation rental is pet-friendly. We know that of the more than 10 million properties we have listed on Petfriendly.io, more than 50% of them say that they accept pets

Q: What can I do if I do not receive a response to an Inquiry?

We know it can be frustrating when you do not receive a response back in a timely manner (24-48hrs). In order to ensure you find an available listing to suit your needs we suggest inquiring into multiple listings. We are working with property owners and agents to increase the response rates. The more information you provide about your needs, the more likely you are to get into a dialogue and get a response from the owner.

If you have not received a response back within 48 hours, we recommend contacting the property owner or manager again by email or by calling the telephone number listed with the property. To troubleshoot further please contact us at support@petfriendly.io